Via the Skeleton Coast to Damaraland

Added 30 Apr 2013

Leaving the Hansa Hotel in Swakopmund this morning we made a quick stop to purchase some ice cubes to keep our water supplies cool and then headed north towards Henties Bay. On route we stopped to view a ship wreck. Some of us took photos. Some paddled in the sea. Someone got slightly wet! Shortly after Henties Bay we turned inland towards the Damaraland region. We stopped to view the Bramsberg Mountains before making a lunch stop in the old mining town of Uis. The gravel road to Uis had been pretty rough, and our coach driver, Bruce, wanted to check the coach before we continued. This is typical of Bruce's excellent care and attention. Guests enjoyed a slightly extended lunch time at a local cafe and information centre, while Bruce went to the local mechanic (the house on the left at the end of the road). Something was adjusted and we were on our way again.

Thankfully we reached more comfortable tarmac road near Khorixas and then turned right towards Vingerklip Lodge. The lodge consists of comfortable bungalows linked by pathways surrounded by beautiful landscaping and gardens. A nice cool welcome drink greeted us and we were soon settling in and enjoying the magnificent views from our rooms. Dinner was served in the main lodge building but, by then, guests had already seen some elephants and giraffes!