Furthest South

We have breakfast alongside Red Rock Ridge which is located at 68° 17’ 44” South and 66° 57’ 18” West. We're heading to Stonington Island for our morning landing, however the ice conditions at Stonington are poor so the captain heads back to Red Rock Ridge to attempt a landing. This will be a first for the FRAM team and certainly a first for all the guests - the furthest south and a landing on the continent! The excitement builds and we succeed! We walk up a slope covered in deep snow and some continue onto a rocky ridge to a fantastic view point. This is quite steep, so Dawn stakes a claim on an easy rocky outcrop for the Furlongs Family! Here we can sit for a while and watch the world go by. Lots of photography and video here, especially of people walking along the snowy slope. It's impossible to walk along without sinking dramatically into the snow. No injuries, but hilarious to watch, and noticeable that some husbands are keener to take video footage of their wives sinking, rather than offering help. 

Much to Dawn’s delight, we also see a few Adelie penguins – her favourite and the third perguin variety we hoped to see on this voyage.

Another wonderful landing in bright sun and blue skies. And, just as we sail away, a large iceberg decides to roll and calve quite close by. Can it get any better?