Galápagos Waved Albatross

It’s Monday morning and we’re visiting Gardner Beach on the island of Espanola this morning. Some keen guests got up very early to kayak. Fortunately Dawn volunteered to help and Richard was therefore able to disregard the 6am wake-up call on this occasion! The kayakers had a great time and really earned their breakfast. Later, some guests snorkelled at Gardner Islet, and others had a go from the beach. Many of us also enjoyed a walk along the beach. We saw Sea Lions at close proximity, a few marine iguanas, some lava lizards, and our second mocking bird, the Espanola Mocking Bird. This species of mocking bird are very inquisitive and peck at our water bottles and back packs in the hope of discovering some moisture or food.

Back on board our ship we are treated to a wonderful Ecuadorian buffet lunch and afterwards the Global Market or “ship shop” is opened for a first time. We all thought Alexa, our hotel manager, said "chip shop", but thankfully we're talking quality souvenirs rather than cod and chips. The Global Market does good business! A siesta follows and then we set off for one of the best walks of the week, at Punta Suarez. It’s hard going, across boulders most of the way, but the wildlife rewards are tremendous. Sea Lions, marine iguanas, lava lizards, blue footed boobies, Nazca boobies, Galapagos Hawks and the endemic Galapagos Waved Albatross. And almost everything is within a few feet. Photographers definitely do not need zoom lenses. At one point an inquisitive hawk comes to investigate us and very nearly takes Tony’s hat off his head. Fortunately Tony doesn’t notice!