Game drives from Okaukuejo

Added 03 May 2013

The Internet has been challenging! Thank you for your patience while we resumed normal service! We’ve been having a wonderful time while you’ve been waiting (sorry!).

Most guests are up early at Okaukuejo this morning, some joining the 5.30am game drive operated by the park authorities, and others joining our guide Uanee’s escorted drive (starting at 6.30am!). Bruce our driver had been unhappy with the coach we were using since Windhoek. The batteries hadn’t been charging properly and we didn’t want a problem while in Etosha, so Richard arranged a swap and we are using the new bus this morning.

One of our first stops was a visit to the waterhole where a lion kill had been noticed yesterday. Guests on the night drive yesterday evening had visited this waterhole. This morning the lions were still there – all with fat tummies and generally in a very lethargic state. A bit like us after one of our very comprehensive dinner buffets!

There was a queue of other wildlife waiting to access the waterhole but none were chancing their luck with the lions in situ. After further game viewing around the park we returned to the same waterhole to discover the lions had retired to shade provided by trees situated some distance from the water. This had allowed various animals to come and have a drink – including impala, springbok and kudu. After enjoying the views for some time, we decided to leave but the new bus wouldn’t start! After pushing various buttons and scratching our heads, we called for help. Ten minutes later a large number of elephants decided to arrive at the waterhole - a wonderful sight and one we would have missed if we had left as originally planned. Everyone was very happy we had broken down! When the engineer arrived all he had to do was press a button under the bonnet and we were off. Whoops!

We enjoyed some free time for lunch back at camp and time also viewing the Okaukuejo waterhole which is certainly delivering the goods - zebra, kudu, oyrx, springbok, guinea fowl, and more. This afternoon Uanee escorted another game drive. We saw lots of elephants and the highlight was probably a cheetah and her two cubs. The cheetah was stalking some springbok and the cubs were trying hard to keep up. The chase wasn’t successful but we were able to drive alongside and we enjoyed every minute.

Back at base, the Okaukuejo team had kindly set up a private BBQ dinner on the lawns near our accommodations. Marie, one of the camp managers, greeted us, and the chef and his team looked after us very well. Richard and Dawn hosted the drinks! Everyone seems very happy indeed.