Game Drives from Okuakuejo

Added 04 May 2012
Some guests are early-birds this morning. They're joining game viewing tours by 5.30am. The effort is worth it though, because they are the first visitors into the park and enjoy a great wildlife drive. Our (slightly later) included game viewing by coach works well too. Our driver Bruce and expert guide Uanee escort us north to a water hole called Okondeka where we are lucky to spot a family of lions. We sit here and watch in wonder. There are two males, a number of females, and various young including a tiny cub. Viewing at the Okaukuejo water hole is also spectacular today. During the afternoon, for instance, one elephant turns up to drink and to cool himself down. Half an hour later another elephant joins in. Then elephant number 3, then number 4. They give a magnificent show not more than 100 feet from our viewing platform. We have very happy guests!