Added 01 Nov 2014

Today we are visiting the northern island of Genovesa, also known by its English name of Tower. It is a huge, dormant volcano with part of the rim collapsed and the whole caldera filled by sea water.

Our first option is an early-bird kayak outing. We follow the cliffs and get a first look at the wonderful seabird experience and also spot some Galapagos fur seals (which are sea lions, of course!). After breakfast everyone heads ashore to Darwin Bay, a white coralline beach to enjoy a magnificent walk discovering the behaviour of frigates, red-footed boobies, Nazca boobies, swallow-tailed gulls and more! Later, some of us go for a final snorkel expedition and some enjoy a swim from the beach. Some juvenile red footed boobies come to check out our swimmers and some even try to land on us!

This afternoon we climb up Prince Phillip's Steps to follow a trail over the cliff top and through a Palo Santo forest to a cracked lava plateau. We are told to look out for the elusive Short Eared Owl. This proves difficult, although Aura manages to spot two at long distance. Sure enough, binoculars in hand, we have to agree!

As we walk back, the sky delivers a beautiful sunset.

A magnificent ending to a wonderful week in Galapagos!