Meeting up in Guayaquil

Added 24 Nov 2011

While Richard and his guests were enjoying dinner the Villa Rosa Restaurant in Cuenca last evening, Dawn was waking up at her Heathrow hotel ready to set off for Ecuador with her guests. In theory we will all meet up in the coastal city of Guayaquil this evening!

Richard's group visited the Cajas National Park today. The park covers an area of over 28,500 hectares with altitudes between 3,000 and 4,450 metres above sea level. The scenery is impressive, with a tundra like vegetation at the higher elevations. At the main visitor centre the ladies queue for the toilets! After this we all get together and our guide Juan Carlos led a nature walk down to a nearby lake. From here we make a brief stop at the highest point on the road for photos, and then we started the drive ... downhill. The scenery is wonderful, the road seems to cling to the hillside, with deep valleys to our side, and a huge carpet of white fluffy cloud sitting below us. After a picnic lunch we drive through the cloud forest and down to sea level. Here we see Cacao, Sugar Cane, Rice and Bananas. We make a final rest room stop and it definitely feels much warmer as we disembark the coach. Richard visits the little shop and the manager recognises him and gets two carrier bags ready. He remembers that Richard buys 50 ice creams every time he visits! After this we are soon arriving at the Hilton Hotel in Guayaquil and settling in.

Dawn telephones Richard to advise that her flight will be arriving in Guayaquil early. Everything goes well until the luggage carousel at the airport jams. All but one of Dawn's group has their luggage and Dawn can see the piece of luggage but it is the wrong side of the security wall. Naturally Dawn decides to climb through to grab the bag and she ends up nearly being arrested but at least gets the luggage. This just proves to show you can rely on Furlongs Travel going that extra furlong!