Ghosts in Viviers

Added 07 Apr 2014

We are at the quayside in Tournon, a small town in the Ardeche region. The sun is shining again and we take a short walk to Tournon Castle to join a presentation entitled "wine and chocolate pairing". Sounds good and it is good. We taste three local red wines together with selected hand-made chocolates. Each pairing seems a wonderful match with the last one being most favoured. We exit the castle suitably tiddly and it is only 10.30am. Other guests enjoy an in depth introduction to the famous Hermitage wines. They walk across the bridge to the small town of Tain Hermitage and visit the winery of Chapoutier, one of the largest producers of fine Hermitage wines. Naturally these guests also return rather tipsy. Dawn is escorting the Hermitage experience and somehow discovers the local Valrhona chocolate shop too. Needless to say most of the Furlongs tour profits go on luxury chocolates!

After lunch we enjoy a wonderful afternoon sailing south towards Viviers. The weather is stunning. This evening we go ashore to explore Viviers at night. Some guests enjoy a nougat making demonstration and also bake their own bread. Others join a ghost walk through the squares and narrow streets of Viviers up to the Bishop's Palace at the top of town. Local guides and a real ghost join in. At least, that is what we are told. And we always believe what we are told.