Giant King Crabs

Added 25 Feb 2014

Breakfast today is from 7am until 9.30am. Then we notice lunch starts at 10am. Perhaps we will just stay at the same dining table and continue eating! Considering the amount of food we are consuming two meals in quick succession just does not seem possible but some people try of course! The reason for the early lunch is the midday excursion to the North Cape.

We start from Honningsvag and the trip involves a drive through stunning scenery up to the North Cape plateau. There is plenty of snow up here and wind too, so you need to wrap up warm. We drive up in convoy, preceded by a snow plough. At the visitor centre you may watch an interesting film about the North Cape region through the seasons, visit a chapel built in the rock below ground and stand near the globe marking the northern most point on the European continent. But you don’t stand outside for long and you have to stand at an angle to the incoming wind. Inside there is a tempting cafeteria selling hot chocolate and fresh waffles.

Back on board Midnatsol we sail for our next port of Kjollefjord. On the way we pass a sea-cliff called Finnkjerka which has been illuminated with colour lights. We are all out on deck and our ship plays some atmospheric music to accompany the lights. At least the crew called the music atmospheric. We had another description. During the light show a local fisherman jumped on board with some Giant King Crabs. These creatures were introduced to the area some years ago and they have pretty much taken over the local sea bed. They are huge, with bodies 10-12 inches in diameter and legs 3 feet long! The fisherman places some of the crabs on display tables on the open deck for us to see close up. Not everyone gets that close.

Dinner is served shortly afterwards, and the menu …. a sea food buffet of course!