Guayaquil City Tour

Added 24 Nov 2012

Guayaquil is usually hot and sometimes humid so we deliberately start our city tour early. With two local guides accompanying us we see the flower market, Centenary Park, the Las Penas neighbourhood and Santa Ana Hill, plus Seminario Park - also known as Iguanas Park - due to the permanent presence of some land iguanas! We also visit the award-winning Malecon Riverfront Park, a wonderful development of over 3 kms of river front, featuring exhibitions, dining, entertainment and park areas. The Botanical Gardens prove of particular interest, especially when served with a MAGNUM ice cream.

By lunchtime the temperature is 34 C so we retreat to our air-conditioned hotel. Hopefully most guests enjoy a restful afternoon in preparation for the busy week ahead in Galapagos. Dinner is included, complete with instructions for tomorrow's departure ... suitcases by 6am, breakfast, and depart for the airport by 7.15am. Richard and Dawn assure guests the early start is well worth it ....