Walking along the Malecon

Added 22 Nov 2014

The buffet breakfast at the Hilton Hotel in Guayaquil is quite a spread. Everything you may expect including cereals, fruit, pastries, juices, but also a huge selection of hot dishes including a gammon roast! You could definitely make breakfast into lunch if you wish! 

After breakfast we are met by two local guides, Rocio and Roberto, for our morning Guayaquil City Tour. We visit the main city administrative buildings and town hall, and walk past the moorish clock tower before a visit to Centenary Park. There is a population of land iguanas here. There are a few iguanas on the grass but most are sitting high in the trees. We issue a warning about walking underneath the tree but one of our guests receives a short "iguana perfume shower". Sorry! Two large iguanas also fall from high in the tree to the ground which causes some excitement. Fortunately none of our guests are standing underneath!

Our city tour also includes a visit to the cathedral before we start a walk along the Malecon, an award-winning waterfront development featuring boardwalks, restaurants, shops and other attractions. The section of Botanical Gardens proves very popular, in part due to free Magnum ice creams!