Walking on the Etosha Pan

We cross Etosha National Park today, leaving Okaukuejo on the Halali road. We look for the lions again at Nebrowni but no luck this time. We skirt the edge of the Etosha Pan on route to Homob waterhole, then Salvadora, before making a stop at the Etosha Lookout. At this point we’re walking on the pan, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. The flat dry pan extends for as far as we can see. It covers over 4700 square kms and is approximately 110 kms long and 60 kms wide.

We visit Halali Camp for lunchtime. Since last year, and without warning, the restaurant has withdrawn its snack sandwich service and now only offers a full buffet lunch which we do not need. So we snack on provisions already in hand and quite a few of us buy an ice cream from the shop.

After lunch we visit Goas Waterhole and then return to the main park road heading towards the Namutoni Camp. Not long before arriving, Uanee spots three cheetahs on the grassy plain. A mother and two young, and they’ve recently made a kill. They are a distance away but binoculars and good zoom lens cameras deliver a good sighting. We’re really lucky to see cheetah in the wild.