Added 05 May 2015

We sailed (very slowly!) overnight and arrived at Rosendal at breakfast time. Tender operations to transfer guests ashore began around 8.15am. There are options to visit Bondhus Lake and a walk around the village to explore the local ship building history, or you can simply do your own thing and wander about.

Richard and Dawn help get everyone ashore before attempting to find a Wi-Fi service in a cafe. First stop is the Tourist Information Centre. The one staff member is about to close the door in order to drive a couple of folk up the hill to start a walk. She suggests we keep the office open and use the Wi-Fi at the same time. Dawn stands behind the counter and Richard gets on with his work. Suddenly it gets rather busy, mainly with visitors from FRAM. People need maps, wish to buy postcards and want information. The Furlongs team do their best and fortunately the tourist lady gets back from her taxi service quite promptly!

Back on board FRAM sails north, passing the city of Bergen on route to Sognefjorden. There are a couple of interesting lectures including one from Julian Dowdswell about climate change. Later, after dinner, Olav and some of the team demonstrate some Norwegian folk dancing followed by a little audience participation. The guests and representatives of Furlongs Travel do reasonably well!