From Namutoni to Okonjima

Added 07 May 2012
This morning Dawn is counting luggage and guests get ready to depart Namutoni. On route to the gates a Damara Dik Dik is spotted. This is the smallest antelope (much smaller than Bambi!) and also a fairly rare viewing. The driving route today skirts a town called Tsumeb which, according to two of our guests, is twinned with Chesterfield in Derbyshire. This is unexpected and highly exciting news so naturally we stop to take a photo of the town sign! Later in the journey Dawn schedules a wee stop (that's short and useful) at a souvenir shop we've used on previous tours. On arrival the only thing that's open are the toilets, and the shop seems closed down. Guests are unaware that Richard arranged this to curtail Dawn's souvenir collection. Our lunch stop is scheduled at Otjiwarongo where Richard reappears as if from nowhere. We use Carstens Cafe here and the pastries are to be recommended! After lunch we drive about 50kms to Okonjima, our final destination. We're welcomed by the friendly staff and soon settle into our accommodations.