Heading for deepest, darkest Peru

Added 30 Aug 2014

British Airways check-in at Heathrow Terminal Five was excellent. We were first in the queue and the BA staff were helpful and efficient. Our flight gate was nearby and we took off pretty much on time. The short hop to Madrid was uneventful. We had a comfortable connection time in Madrid which was extended when our onward flight was delayed, initially by 30 minutes, then one hour, and eventually around 90 minutes. The excuse was "aircraft rotation", although no one seemed to know exactly what that meant, especially given the aircraft was parked at the gate throughout! The gate number was "U65" so we all headed in that direction only to find no staff on duty and no sign on the board. A rumour circulated that we were being moved to U64 so we strolled across the terminal to the other side and sure enough, that gate showed our flight number. All the passengers gathered here. Richard and some guests noticed, however, there was no aircraft here. A couple of enquiries later and Richard and Dawn spread the word quietly that our fight was definitely going from the original U65 even though the signs said not. The Furlongs clan moved (very discreetly) back to U65 and waited. A few minutes later an announcement explained we would be boarding from U65. All the other passengers ran across to join us. Airports are such fun.

The aircraft down to Peru was one of the newly refurbished planes so we enjoyed a comfortable journey despite the long flight. The pilots made up some of the lost time and we landed in Peru's capital Lima only about 55 minutes later than scheduled. Immigration control was efficient and we proceeded to the baggage hall. Bags took a while but it was not long before we were on board our private bus en route to the Lima Country Club. On arrival, room key cards were ready as requested and we were able to retire immediately. In spite of the long and tiring day, Richard and Dawn encouraged everyone to join them for a light dinner, and everyone did! And now for a well-deserved sleep. The beds are HUGE and wonderfully comfortable so we hope everyone will sleep well.