Villa Blanca Cloud Forest

Added 21 Mar 2012

Departing San Jose, our first stop today is the town of Sarchi, Costa Rica’s most famous crafts centre. The town offers more than 200 stores and small family-operated woodworking factories producing wooden bowls and other tableware, rocking chairs and more. The most popular items on sale are “carretas”, elaborately painted oxcarts that traditionally carried coffee from the highlands down to the port on the Pacific coast. We watch the process of wheel making and hand painting. Leaving Sarchi we stop briefly at a supermarket just outside San Ramon for provisions. Most guests buy a snack or two for the coming days. Richard and Dawn buy 10 gallons of drinking water and 64 ice creams. The shop assistant can't quite believe it, but it's fairly normal practice for a Furlongs tour.

45 minutes later we've weaved our way along a single track road to our final destination, the Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Resort. Set in the middle of farm land and cloud forest, Villa Blanca consists of bungalow style bedrooms and a central lodge. We've taken the place over so we'll enjoy a house party for the next 3 nights!

Before dinner, some of our guests head off on a Nocturnal Tour. Torches in hand and accompanied by a local expert guide, they wander the nearby trails looking for glow worms, bugs, frogs, snakes, moths and more! On route they discover a whole bunch of Army Ants, not the friendliest of creatures. Something to talk about at dinner though!