Heading for the coast

Added 28 Apr 2013

Sunday today. No need to get up early. Unless you're flying of course. Ten guests join early morning scenic flights over the sand dunes and come back very happy indeed, and complete with some magnificent photos. The rest of us take things a little more leisurely and enjoy breakfast on the terrace. Eventually, luggage must be loaded and we depart for Swakopmund, a town on Namibia's Atlantic coast. However, we're just 25 minutes on the road when we begin to see cyclists heading towards us. Richard and Dawn, and our guide Uanee and driver Bruce can't believe their eyes. On last year's tour, the very same thing happened. The cyclists are not wearing any clothes! It must be a charity race that happens on the same Sunday each year, and we just happen to have chosen the same date. The cyclists wave and Bruce keeps concentrating on his driving! The journey continues with less excitement. We make a brief stop at Solitaire to stretch legs and buy provisions. Thereafter we head to the Kuiseb Canyon and across the Namib Naukluft Park to the coast at Walvis Bay. The first part of the road is pretty hard going, it needs some care and attention. Our driver, Bruce, does a grand job and delivers us safely to Swakopmund, our final destination. Here we're staying in the very comfortable Hansa Hotel, a classic colonial style establishment with a reputation for grand accommodations and good food. As a reward for surviving a long travel day, Richard and Dawn host a drinks reception in the bar before dinner!