Heading south

Added 12 May 2014

We depart Namutoni this morning after enjoying breakfast including muffins today. Yesterday muffins were "off"because we could not find the key to the bakery!

As we leave Namutoni we are rewarded with a sighting of the smallest antelope - the Damara Dik Dik. They mate for life and are always in pairs but we are particularly lucky to find a family of dad, mum and a baby. Exiting the Von Linquist Gate of Etosha National Park we head south and make couple of stops before a lunch break in the town of Otjiworongo. We normally have lunch in a very nice cafe bakery. Ou guide Uanee makes the normal advance call to warn them we will be arriving at the cafe in an hour or two.  Shock horror, the cafe has been sold and is closed! Plan B swings into action. Uanee selects a nice supermarketin town - it has everything we may need including a cafe and toilets.

About an hour further on we are arriving at Okonjima, home of the AfriCat Foundation, a charitable organisation working towards the long term survival of Namibia's big cat predators. On arrival we are greeted by a whole team of staff. We enjoy a nice cool welcome drink followed by afternoon tea and cakes before being escorted to our luxurious rooms. This is a special place, and everyone seems very happy indeed to be spending our last three nights at Okonjima!