Homebound from China

Added 08 Nov 2012

Sadly, we're home bound today. An early, but substantial breakfast is enjoyed before we join our private coaches and head off to the airport to check-in. We say fond farewells to our three local guides: Bob, Francis and Jenna, and we head for the British Airways desks. Despite plenty of advance warning and requests, BA haven't sorted out flight seats according to our wishes - thanks for making no effort whatsoever BA! However, Richard and Dawn do their best to re-jig the seating to allow spouses or friends to sit together or nearby for the flight home. 12 hours plus is a long flight but somehow it seems to go past quite quickly and we land at Heathrow early. Immigration and luggage service is pretty quick and we're soon on our way.

Our first China experience is complete and we hope guests have had a wonderful time. China is certainly an amazing country!