Homebound from Oslo

Added 02 Mar 2014

Sadly we are disembarking this morning. Suitcases are collected and stored aboard our private coach in readiness for our airport transfer. We say our goodbyes to the ship and crew and head to Tronheim Airport. The journey is around 35 minutes drive through lovely scenery and through a few tunnels! At the airport the SAS staff are ready waiting for us. They kindly open an extra couple of check-in desks and in just a few minutes we are all checked-in with boadring cards and luggage receipts. Many thanks to all the airline staff. Richard and Dawn wish that all airlines were so attentive and helpful. Once on board we are clear to take off and the pilot heads for the runway. There is no slowing down, we turn sharp right like a rally car and accelerate to take off!

45 minutes later we are landing at Oslo airport. We transfer here to our London flight. There is plenty of time and we lose some guests to the duty free and to cafes and bars. We regroup at Gate 57 where the Furlongs team hand out a final gift. Well actually two gifts. Another free Norwegian Kit Kat (to go with the tea or coffee served on route home!). And something else. But to find out what the second gift is you will have to join our Northern Lights tour in 2015. Tour details are online and bookings are open now!

Safe journey home everyone and many thanks for joining us in Norway.