Customs inspection of flip flops

Added 25 Mar 2015

It is warm and sunny at the Playa Bonita Resort. The sea birds seem particularly active along the shore this morning as the tide goes out and back. A buffet lunch is included at the Pelican Grill Restaurant while Dawn and Richard check luggage and arrange our coach transport, Around 2.30pm we depart the hotel and drive across The Bridge of the Americas for the last time, and through the high-rise centre of Panama City towards the airport. We pass the Convention Centre on route. This will be the location for a meeting of over 20 Presidents of Central American and Pacific Rim countries in a few days time. Apparently security will be high. Schools and businesses closed and road access limited. We are glad to be going home today!

Our local guides, Cristian and Benny, escort us to the airport. Iberia check-in staff are helpful and we get ready for our flight. Once in the departure lounge, Richard and Dawn collect the personal radio headsets from guests. Richard's bag now has 70 radios, guide transmitters and microphones, and used ear pieces and cables for recycling!

As often the case, the flight departs late but the pilot makes up time overnight and we land at Madrid on time. Richard is expecting to be stopped at the hand luggage scanner for inspection of the radios. Nobody takes any notice. Straight through, no questions asked. Dawn follows and is stopped. Her bag is opened and inspected and they seem very interested in her new flip flops, purchased in Costa Rica. Richard promptly walks away and leaves her to it.