For our last full day at Inle Lake we are heading across to visit the small village of Indein. This mysterious place is at the end of a long creek, which connects to Inle Lake near the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda. The creek has many twist and turns and on both sides we can see farmers working their fields. The farmers dam the creek at certain points to help irrigate their fields and our water taxis have to "bounce" up mini-waterfalls. Great fun!

On arrival in Indein we visit the local market where the Pao tribe women are selling their wares. The Pao women wear a traditional brightly coloured woven scarf. The market has some souvenirs and you may also purchase livestock, fruit, vegetables, dried fish and cheroots, as well as clothing and many everyday items. Locals also come to the market to buy firewood.

At Indein, there is also a breath-taking complex of over 1,000 ancient stupas dating from the 16th century. A few of these have been renovated but the old, overgrown ruins are almost more appealing. It could be a scene from the film Lord of the Rings! At the top of the hill there is a final pagoda to enjoy if you wish! Lunch today is rather strange. The Golden Kite Restaurant is the location. An Italian restaurant! Our menu: tomato soup, pizza, pasta, chocolate crepes! Seriously.

Back at the Aureum Palace Resort Hotel, we enjoy our third and final private buffet dinner in our private banquet room. To follow, a surprise 30-minute entertainment show, performed by the hotel staff. Shan dancing, a fire dancer, and a mythical creature (think elongated pantomime horse with antlers!). Aneeta and Dawn are chosen for initial audience participation. Richard initially defends, but gives up without a fight.

Inle Lake has been magical!