Added 26 Oct 2011

Today we visited Ingapirca, an important archeological site in the Cañar Province of Ecuador. Ingapirca is the largest known Inca ruins in Ecuador. The walls are constructed of carefully chiseled stones, set together without mortar. The most significant building here is the temple of the sun which is positioned so that on the solstices, sunlight would fall through the centre of an opening at the top of the temple. Today the sun is shining bright! It is magnificent weather and from the site we can see for miles. After our visit we lunch at Posada Ingapirca, a pretty little establishment with a few bedrooms and a rustic dining room overlooking pretty gardens. Wine and beer is included at lunch so the journey home seems fairly quiet since most people are snoozing!

This evening we drive back up Turi Hill to dine at LIKAPAAY, a special venue where we enjoy gastronomy of the area, plus typical music and dance of Cuenca. And the views are tremendous.

By the way we should report that the Government of Ecuador continue to look after us well! The Vice President arrived at our hotel this morning!