Ingapirca, Rain, and Wine

Added 22 Nov 2011

Today we visited Ingapirca, Ecuador's most important archeological site. The walls of the main buildings are constructed of carefully chiseled stones, set together without mortar. The most significant structure here is the temple of the sun which is positioned so that on the solstices, sunlight would fall through openings near the top of the temple. Our guides, Juan Carlos and Diego offer an interpretation of the site before we head up to the Posada Ingapirca for lunch. Richard buys the wine and beer and it seems most people have a snooze on the drive back to Cuenca .... including Diego, one of our guides!

This evening we drive up Turi Hill to the LIKAPAAY restaurant. Here we enjoy typical gastronomy of Cuenca. Richard loses count but apparently we consume 9 courses if you include the rather nice welcome drink and the midway sherbet! Inbetween some of the dinner courses we are entertained by local dancers from the Cuenca college of performing arts. Not only are the dancers very well rehearsed, but they also have great enthusiasm and amazing stamina. A few guests are invited to join in at one stage, and they are happy to sit down and have a rest!

Foolishly, Richard decided at the beginning of the evening to treat his guests to dinner wine because it rained this afternoon for the first time since the tour started. Numerous bottles later, Richard has his fingers crossed it does not rain tomorrow. If Dawn is reading this blog, please note, your Christmas bonus is cancelled due to lack of funds!