Added 06 Nov 2013

An earlier start this morning, we are on the road by 8am and heading north to Ingapirca, the site of important Inca Canari ruins. It is an interesting journey of around 2 hours through beautiful countryside, along valleys and over mountain ranges between the Andes. On the way we stop to visit a typical road side stall selling roasting pig or “hornado”. The crackling with salt is certainly tasty!

At Ingapirca our guides, Santiago and Tomas, take us on a guided walk. Ingapirca means Inca Stone Wall and the name was given to this location by the Canari people. The ruins were originally built in the 15th century on a royal highway that ran from Quito to Cusco and the high quality of some of the stonework indicates that Ingapirca was an important site.

Lunch is included at Posada Ingapirca. This is up a winding road which is quite a challenge for our bus drivers, Neptali and Eduardo, but they manage perfectly. Lunch includes Quinoa soup, a choice of main dish and a dessert of figs and cheese. Delicious! Richard and Dawn buy the drinks. Salud!