Isfjorden and Alkehornet

Added 05 Sep 2012

We have succeeded in our plan to circumnavigate Spitsbergen! This morning finds us at Alkehornet which is at the northern entrance of Isforden, pretty much where we started. Boots are on for another wet landing, as we climb some muddy steps onto a mossy plain. We find an old trappers hut which has seen better days, but Russian born Vadim Prudnikov is on hand to give us the story of the man who built the hut! A tale of two wives, a divorce, a baby and a happy ending. Vadim has a knack of telling stories well. Further along the ridge is another trappers hut, this time in a better condition. In the other direction some guests see a couple of arctic fox cubs playing.

Back on board FRAM, Captain Arild Harvik bids us a fond farewell at a reception and charity auction in the ship's lounge.

Late afternoon we make our final landing of the trip, at Skansebukta. Trapper's Huts have become the "fun" feature of each landing. We're jokingly say we're not going ashore unless there's a hut to see! Sometimes these huts have been in good shape, but often they are leaning at an angle or collapsed altogether! At Skansebukta we're not disappointed and we have one last trappers hut to view. Also on shore is an old gypsum mine with a broken railway line and a derelict boat. The more adventurous make it up a steep hill to view a small waterfall. Richard and Dawn are not sure how small the waterfall was as, regretfully, they didn't make it up the hill.