Junior's Cheesecake Breakfast

A typical New York diner experience for breakfast this morning as we meet up and walk a couple of blocks to a new establishment called Junior’s. Famous for cheesecake, we’ve managed to persuade the management to provide breakfast on a Saturday, which they’ve never done before. The downside is that we need start at 7am, but we’re still on UK time and we’re awake in any case! It is quite an experience …  juice, unlimited tea and coffee, a huge fruit cup (with banana on top), and a large plate of cooked breakfast. Did anyone manage to consume everything? We don’t believe so.

Over breakfast we catch up with what everyone did yesterday afternoon and evening …. a few theatre shows attended (but no Sponge-bobbers!), dinner options and lots of walking done apparently.

After breakfast, our local guide Robin meets us at Junior’s to start a walking tour of central Manhattan. She’s brought along her friend and mentor, a gentleman called Lee. The walk takes in Radio City Music Hall, The Rockefeller Centre, St Patrick’s Cathedral and lots of Art Deco artwork that we may well have missed had it not been for our excellent guides.

This evening we dined at an Italian Restaurant called Bond 45, which is just a couple of blocks from our hotel. We negotiate our way across Times Square and we are soon settled into our private dining area. The menu was great, service excellent, wine perfect and company ideal - what more can you ask for?!

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