We are sailing this morning and many guests have organised early morning tea and coffee to be delivered to their cabins by their butler. Richard is not allowing Dawn to join this activity in case it sets a precedent after the tour. Richard reminds Dawn they don’t have a butler at home.

The mandatory safety drill takes place after breakfast – checking life jackets and our muster stations on the top deck. This is followed by a cruise overview with our cruise director Adrian. The consensus is there is a lot of information to take in! Thankfully we’ll have a daily programme to remind us!

After lunch, we dock at the town of Kalocsa and we have our first excursion …. to a Puszta Horse Show. We head for farm land set on the edge of the Great Hungarian Plain. The area is famous for production of paprika and renowned for decorative embroidery.

The horse show is great fun. Skilled riders demonstrate various riding techniques, with a variety of carts and horses, with the highlight being a horseman standing balanced on two horses and controlling ten horses in three unconnected lines! Not something to try at home.

Back on board ship, we’ve invited some guests to join us in the Portobello Restaurant for a fine dining experience, Italian style. The dinner reports afterwards are great, and all our guests will have the chance to experience this restaurant during our week on board.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock © Mateusz Gzik