King Neptune and fishcakes

Added 23 Feb 2014

We crossed the Arctic Circle at precisely 07:13:26 this morning. No one noticed the bump. About an hour later we passed another Hurtigruten ship, the MS Vesteralen. She was built in 1983 and the MS Midnatsol towers above her. We wave and they wave back. Following a brief port call at Ornes, we are invited to the open deck to meet King Neptune. He is there to celebrate crossing the Arctic Circle. Richard or Dawn decide not to inform guests in advance how King Neptune celebrates. It is much better not to be forewarned about cold water and ice poured down your neck! Following this excitement we call at Bodo for a couple of hours. Some of us walk to the cathedral which is simply decorated inside but has a magnificent stained glass window.

During dinner we arrive in the Lofoten Islands and later we sail through Raftsound, a narrow channel forming the border between the Lofotens and a region called Vesteralen. At around 11:30 we reach Trollfjord. This is a very narrow fjord squeezed between steep rocky mountains. During the summer months we are allowed to sail inside, do a 360 degree swivel at the end and then sail out again. During winter this is not allowed so we just point the bow into the fjord and use the ship's powerful spot lights to illuminate the rocks. The chef has provided a midnight feast too - homemade Norwegian Fishcakes. The verdict? It's time for bed!