Leopards and Cheetahs

Added 08 May 2012
Early morning call at 5.30am! Call this a holiday?! After a quick cup of tea or coffee and a snack, we join Okonjima's game viewing jeeps and set out to track leopards. The Okonjima wildlife reserve is huge so finding one of only four radio collared leopards isn't easy. Three out of five vehicles have success, two don't (but we won't give up, see later). Back at the lodge we enjoy a big brunch and then some free time. Around 3pm we regroup for afternoon tea before our next activity .... which is tracking cheetahs on foot! Those guests who did not see leopards this morning head in that direction first. The guides here do not like to disappoint and they didn't. Leopard were seen - close up! The whole group then met up to walk with cheetahs, a truly magical experience. The day concluded with sundowner drinks and an excellent dinner back at the lodge.