Leaving Galapagos

Added 06 Nov 2011

At sunrise we find ourselves at Baltra Island and, sadly, we must plan to disembark our lovely ship, the MS National Geographic Islander. We enjoy a final, sumptuous brekfast on board and while we are awaiting news of our incoming aircraft, we enjoy a film about Galapagos featuring TV and movie star, Alan Alda, and our very own expedition leader Lynn Fowler!

In due course our flight is called and we head for Baltra Airport. Although it is a tiny airport, it does have a small business lounge, which Richard and Dawn have booked. Here we´re able to rest a while before priority boarding of our flight back to the mainland. It is sad to leave the Galapagos Islands but at least we´re heading back to the very comfortable Guayaquil Hilton Hotel, complete with an attractive swimming pool.

This evening we enjoy a final tour dinner in the hotel´s Portofino Restaurant, booked exclusively for the Furlongs Travel party. A good time is enjoyed by all!