Leopard tracking at Okonjima

Added 24 Jun 2014

For the best experiences it does seem you need to get up fairly early in Namibia. Wake up calls are 5.30am this morning! We meet in the restaurant and enjoy a tea or coffee and freshly baked muffins before joining our local guides, Peter, Gideon, Jonah and Previous. We have four game viewing vehicles so there is plenty of space. Perfect for photography too. We head out onto the main reserve in search of a leopard! A few of the Okonjima leopards are collared and we use a tracking device in the hope of picking up a signal. Leopards are notoriously shy however so sightings are never guaranteed. Gideon and Jonah head in one direction and Peter and Previous in another. G & J are successful and find a mother and a cub on a bank overlooking a dam. Peter and Previous find a signal for another leopard but it must be deep in bush and we cannot get close. They both decide to abandon and head for the dam. Peter arrives first and Previous is some time later which prompts a guest to rename him Eventually rather than Previous! However all four cars see leopard which is wonderful.

Back at the lodge we enjoy a brunch followed by a siesta, although many guests use the free time to take one of the self-guided walks. At 3pm, afternoon tea and cakes are served. Our guides join us again and we visit the AFRICAT centre to learn about this non-profit foundation and their long term aim for conservation of Namibia’s large carnivores. We are also treated to a drive within a fenced reserve to see cheetahs!