Let's float down to Peru

Added 31 Aug 2013

For some reason our website server decided it was a bit dicey connecting via Lima so regretfully we were not able to post any blogs for a couple of days. Sorry about that, we'll catch up now!

Our journey out from London was fairly uneventful. British Airways asked us to check-in at specific desks and then changed their mind but that's not unusual. We formed another orderly queue. We departed from the Terminal Five which has lots of space and facilities, though thankfully quite a few of the shop's Dawn was interested in had not opened due to the early hour. We took off slightly late but landed in Madrid on time. Madrid Airport is undergoing some redevelopment so it was fun trying to find cafes and shops there too. Anyway we were soon aboard our Iberia aircraft bound for Lima, Peru. 11 hours later some guests were still trying to extract a smile from one grumpy air hostess! Richard has already sent Iberia a report. Lima Airport could teach a few International airports a thing or two. As we arrived at the immigration desks more and more staff arrived to handle the demand and we were processed quickly. Our luggage arrived pretty quickly too. The final procedure is to place all luggage through an "arrival scanner" as you exit into the Arrivals Hall. At this point all our guests merrily exited and left Richard stranded with a customs official who took a long look at Richard's holdall full of guest radios. 44 radios in total plus guide transmitters, microphones and lots of batteries and wires. Richard spent some time explaining that each guest gets a radio so they can hear commentary from our local guides. The customs official clearly hadn't seen anything like them before and neither had the next customs official or the managing customs official, all of whom took a detailed look. Finally Richard was allowed out. Our local guide, Vanessa, was waiting to greet us and we promptly boarded our coach and set off for our hotel, the Country Club Lima. On arrival the hotel staff were welcoming and attentive and we settled in quickly and enjoyed a nice dinner in the hotel restaurant. By now we've been up quite a while, so everyone retires for a well-earned rest.