Lima City Tour

Lima is the largest city in Peru with a population of 10 million, around a third of the overall population of Peru. Our City Tour began with a journey to one of the northern districts, which would have been the site of the original city of Lima.  Some areas have been destroyed by earthquakes over the years, and as this district was re-built, much of the design and architecture was influenced by European style; there are even some direct copies of French and Spanish buildings. We also visited the Monasterio de Santo Domingo, before heading towards the coast to take in the clear views and bright blue water. Much of Lima is situated on a cliff top, so below we could see the beach and a wooden pier. Later that evening we would be dining on the pier in a seafood restaurant called La Rosa Nautica. Upon arrival we gathered in the bar to enjoy the famous Peruvian drink called Pisco Sour. Pisco is a type of brandy made in Peru and Chile, and when combined with egg white, lemon juice, sugar syrup and bitters forms this cocktail. The food and location were both a superb way to finish our first day in Peru.