Through the cloud forest

Added 24 Oct 2014

We leave Cuenca after breakfast and start our journey to Guayaquil. We are heading through El Cajas National Park, famous for wonderful scenery, and particularly for hundreds of small lakes. Just before arriving in the park we make a comfort stop at Dos Chorreras. This establishment has a few rooms, a café/restaurant, numerous trout lakes and extensive gardens. Sadly for Richard is also has a souvenir shop. The goods on sale are appealing and good value. Furthermore the shop assistant is rather slow and insists on writing everything in triplicate in addition to using the sales till and a computer. The planned five minute comfort stop turns into three quarters of an hour!

We do eventually enter the National Park and we stop briefly at the highest point on the road, which is over 14,000 feet. From then on it is downhill, passing through rain forest and cloud forest on route to the coast. The road is exciting and the views tremendous. At times we are above the clouds, then inside the clouds, and then below the clouds. After lunch we drive towards the coast, passing cocoa and banana plantations on route. Our destination is the city of Guayaquil and the Hilton Hotel. Two nights rest before Galapagos!