Looking into Volcan Poas

Added 19 Mar 2012

We're up pretty early as our body clocks are still adjusting to the local time difference. Some extra time is useful, however, since it takes quite a while to work through the extensive hot and cold buffet breakfast! After this we join our privately chartered coaches and our two local guides, Bernal and Diana, begin our tour. First stop is the Poas Volcano. Near the summit there are two crater lakes. We view the "hot lagoon", located at a height of 2,300m. This crater is about 1.7kms wide and 300 metres deep. It is one of the world's most acidic lakes, and the bottom is covered with a layer of liquid sulphur. Acid gases create acid rain and fog, causing damage to surrounding ecosystems. Sounds great doesn't it?! As it happens we're really lucky. The weather is sunny and we enjoy an excellent clear view of the crater. And the acid fog is fortunately blowing away from us.

From Poas we drive to La Paz Waterfall Gardens. On arrival Richard and Dawn decide to buy the lunch. After we're well fed, we begin to explore the gardens. There is lush tropical rain ­forest, ­spectacular waterfalls, and exhibits of tropical birds, butterflies, monkeys, sloths, snakes, frogs and more. The hummingbirds are particularly special.

Leaving the gardens we drive back to San Jose and it's apparent quite a few guests take a seista on route. Quite right too. This evening we dine in our hotel's central courtyard. This is a beautiful setting, surrounded by colonial style architecture and looking up to stars in the dark sky. As dinner comes to an end, Richard is informed his delayed suitcase has landed at the airport. Excellent news since this suitcase contains his ties!