Elephants at one o'clock!

Added 04 May 2013

This morning we’re leaving Okaukuejo and heading east across Etosha National Park to our next destination, Namutoni. If you got up VERY early this morning you were rewarded with the sighting of lions at the Okaukeujo waterhole. Nick has photos to prove it! If you were not up quite so early, you still enjoyed wonderful wildlife viewings and, of course, a hearty breakfast.

Around 10am we loaded up the luggage and departed Okaukuejo. Not long after exiting the camp gates we spotted a Black Rhino - a magnificent animal. As he walked off into the bush we continued our journey and decided to include a stop at the Etosha Pan Lookout. The pan covers over 4,700 square kilometres and at its widest point is approximately 110 km by 60 km. It is mostly dry except after heavy rains when it floods mainly from the Ekuma and Oshigambo rivers in the north. Currently, it is certainly very dry! At the lookout we are permitted to disembark our bus and have a wander. It is an amazing landscape. Flat dry pan for as far as you can see.

Our next stop was the Halali Camp. This is situated about half way between Okaukuejo and Namutoni, and it is an ideal lunch stop. We order toasted sandwiches and cool drinks – and the Cape glossy starlings hang around for the crumbs.

After lunch we visited the Goas waterhole and discovered a lot of elephants. It was a wonderful experience, not least when the matriarch of the group decided to check us out! Quite exciting to say the least, but the bus and occupants survived!