Guayaquil city tour

An early start this morning, as we explore the city of Guayaquil before the hot midday sun appears. Local guides join us as we tour the city administrative buildings, Centenary Park, Independence Square, the Rotunda Monument and the Malecón waterfront development. Our first sight of some land iguanas today, albeit ones that stay in “iguana square”, either digging holes to lay their eggs, or hanging in the trees above. We are warned not to stand underneath specific trees unless we’re happy to have an iguana shower!

Walking along the award-winning Malecón, Richard and Dawn dive off to buy up the park’s stock of Magnum ice creams. This involves visiting three ice cream kiosks to buy sufficient for everyone. It is sunny and warm, so an ice cream seems a perfect fit for the walk back to our hotel.

At dinner this evening Richard has a surprise for Dawn – a belated anniversary present. There is a tradition in Guayaquil to make papier mâché figures of popular culture (cartoon characters, politicians etc.) and then set them alight on 31 December. Richard blindfolds Dawn and then brings in a 4ft figure of the Incredible Hulk he bought for $25 during the city tour! Dawn doesn't appear overly impressed.