Manuel Antonio National Park

Added 17 Mar 2015

This morning we transfer by zodiacs to Quepos pier. The town’s name stems from the indigenous people that inhabited the area before the Spanish colonisation. In the 1930’s the United Fruit Company built a banana port here and populated the area with workers from other parts of Central America. The town thrived until the banana plantations were decimated by disease. Quepos is now busy as the gateway to MANUEL ANTONIO NATIONAL PARK, one of the smallest but most beautiful parks you can visit in Costa Rica.

Local guides Karen and Adrian join our Isabel, Adriana and Elliott to escort walks in the park. Firstly we transfer from the pier in 4 small buses. We are offering faster, longer walks and shorter, slower walks and we split our party into smaller groups. Richard decides we could do with another guide to make the last group smaller and Karen finds another local guide, Nathan to help.

All five guides are simply magical at finding and identifying wildlife. How they spot something high in the third tree to the left and 100 feet off the trail baffles us! We are rewarded with a long list of animals and birds including two-toed and three-toed sloths, howler, spider, squirrel and white faced capuchin monkeys.

We have timed our visit carefully. We are ahead of the hottest part of the day and also avoided the peak crowds. Back on board ship, we enjoy lunch and this afternoon we are treated to a very interesting presentation by Adrianne about plant pollination. The afternoon is complete with a relaxing sail down the coast towards our next destination, Golfo Dulce. During the sail we spot dolphins and marlin!