Midnight Concert in Tromso

Added 19 Feb 2012

Following an early morning call at Honninsvag and another at Havoysund, we arrive in Hammerfest, the world's most northern town at 70° 39” 48’ N. Here we visit the Polar Bear Club museum and some venture to the museum depicting the reconstruction of the town after World War II. Next on the itinerary is a quick stop at Oksfjord. On route here the wind is strong but our sturdy ship, the MS Midnatsol, copes well. Prior to dinner this evening, Richard and Dawn invite all guests to a private reception in the ship's lecture hall. Strangely we need to sit in little groups dotted about the hall, but all is revealed when a few extra guests join us - some officers and members of the ship's crew. Each staff member is assigned to a group for just 5 minutes to answer any questions our guests may have. Then we circulate the staff to the next group, and so on. Everyone finds out something new about the ship's operation and the gathering is voted a big success. Many thanks go to the Bjorn the Chief Engineer, Magne the Hotel Manager, Dag the Assistant Chef, Johan the Restaurant Manager, Bente the Purser, Hild the Tour Manage, and Maria the Shore Excursion Assistant. Dinner follows as main luggage is secretly taken away and stored ready for our arrival at Tromso. After dinner, we enjoy a last day treat ... the Northern Lights appear again! Not as brilliant as our northbound experience but certainly a wonderful ending. On disembarkation at Tromso most guests head off with Dawn for the Midnight Concert in the Arctic Cathedral. Richard on the other hand supervises the transportation of main luggage from ship to our hotel. He's hired a luggage truck and driver, but is somewhat surprised when a 40-ton lorry turns up! The truck looks slightly out of place parked outside a modern 4-star hotel but Richard merrily unloads 68 bags and prepares for guests to arrive! The Midnight Concert is a very special event and everyone seems to have enjoyed it immensely despite the late hour.