Moose MacGregor

We leave the Windhoek Country Club Resort this morning. Our destination is Sossusvlei, home to the world's tallest sand dunes. From Windhoek we head south, first towards a small town called Rehoboth, and then cutting across country to a junction called Solitaire. 

Just south of Windhoek we pass a weighbridge. We would normally have to stop but today is Sunday and no one is at work so we're able to pass by.

Our guide Uanee gives an interesting introduction to the history of Namibia on route and we're soon arriving in Rehoboth, which is our first stop. We all head to the new supermarket to pick up a few provisions. Their takings double for the day. Richard reminds everyone the suggestion was to buy light lunch snacks, not to do the weekly shop!

From Rehoboth we leave the tarmac road and continue on gravel roads across to Solitaire. The road is pretty well maintained and our driver, August, does his best to avoid the worst bumps. Richard and Dawn have included a surprise lunch at Solitaire Lodge. Grant, the new manager, has arranged some nice spring rolls, salads and vegetables, and a tasty game pie, with apple pie and cream for pudding. Dawn volunteered to help serve the buffet and ended up wearing a chef's hat and apron! The local team may sign her up as temporary staff.

Solitaire's apple pie (more like a crumble really) was made famous by the original Solitaire baker, called Moose Macgregor. Sadly, he's no longer with us, but his tasty apple pie lives on.

After lunch we continued south east towards our destination, Sossusvlei Lodge. Accommodations here are individual chalets set either side of a central reception and restaurant. The views are tremendous, and today we are treated to wildlife close up. Oryx at the lodge's waterhole and nearby our chalets too!

Dinner is served on the terrace, after which some of us try star gazing. Oh wow! This has to be one of the best places in the world to enjoy the stars!