Richard becomes an air steward

Added 20 Nov 2011

Guests enjoy some freetime in Quito and, being a Monday, there are preparations in the main square for the changing of the guards at the Presidential Palace. In addition, visiting school children .... all in very smart uniforms .... are ready to march and play in their bands.  The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, is also present. Very kindly he seems to make an appearance everytime Furlongs Travel guests visit Quito.

Just after 11am we must leave our hotel and drive to the airport for our flight to Cuenca ... the next stop on this magical tour!! Due to the activities in the main square, some roads are closed and there is general chaos and conjestion. We seem to be getting nowhere fast, so Richard decides to negotiate with a local policeman, who kindly holds back some traffic to allow us to proceed! In a few minutes we are clear and on the way to the airport. Check in for our flight is interesting. Our group boarding cards are printed but we are asked to sit in different seats on the aircraft. To ensure all works out OK, Richard decides to board the aircraft first. He is usually last but asks our guide Juan Carlos to bring up the rear on this occasion. The flight is fully booked and our group takes seats promptly. Other travellers then join the aircraft to sit in the same seats! Richard decides to become an air steward and supervises the new arrivals by allocating seats and arranging their hand luggage. The flight crew do not seem to mind. Must be his white shirt and tie!

Shortly after take off we are treated to a great view of the Cotopaxi Volcano. And within 35 minutes we are landing at Cuenca Airport. A local band greets us on arrival and we are soon aboard our private coach and heading for the El Dorado Hotel. The hotel is in the heart of the city, just one block from the main square. We settle in and this evening enjoy a great meal in the private banquet suite. The buffet dinner is well received, with a fresh pasta station and a wonderful display of desserts proving very popular!