Rhino poo

Added 26 May 2012
We're driving from Okaukuejo to Namutoni today. Our route is entirely within the Etosha National Park so we're making it a game drive all the way, and it isn't long before we are rewarded. We spot a single lioness to our left. She is approaching the road so we stay put. She comes closer and closer. We're all busy taking photos as the lion gets quite near. It's as though she is coming to say hello and at the last moment she ducks below us and into a large drainage pipe that goes underneath the road. We couldn't have chosen a better spot to park! More excitement follows: We visit the Etosha Lookout on the southern border of the Etosha Pan. Here we are able to drive onto the dry pan which is a huge flat area of baked earth that only very rarely floods from heavy rains and from flood waters originating in the Ekuma and Oshigambo rivers. We are allowed to disembark our vehicles at the lookout and it's a strange feeling standing on the very salty baked ground and being able to look at absolutely nothing for tens of miles into the distance. Wildlife occasionally visit the pan to lick the salt and our guide Uanee spots some Rhino poo some distance from the parking area. Richard decides to organize an obligatory Rhino poo excursion. Though reluctant, everyone joins in, and Uanee gives a highly educational and entertaining explanation while we all stand in a circle around the poo. Everyone agrees this extra complimentary excursion was well worth it. Continuing towards Namutoni we are treated to yet another wonderful sighting, this time a group of 28 elephants making their way towards a waterhole.