Gold Buddhas and more

Added 04 Nov 2012

After breakfast we attend a disembarkation briefing for tomorrow. It seems like we’ve been on board for ages and yet suddenly its time to leave. Mid-morning a guest speaker comes on board. Professor Ye gives a lecture on Buddhism on Mt Jiuhua, which corresponds with this afternoon’s visit. Another wonderful lunch follows, before we join our coaches for the drive to Mt Jiuhua. The last part of the journey to Mount Jiuhua consists of a mountainside road featuring 99 bends, so is not for the feint hearted – especially the way the locals drive! Anyway, we survive, and enjoy a guided visit to two Buddhist temples plus some free time to take the funicular railway to the very top. The weather is sunny and clear and the views from the top are spectacular. We also see Buddhist monks chanting, numerous gold buddhas, and thousands of padlocks left by “loving couples”. Two of our clients are overheard recommending some youngsters to keep the padlock key handy.

Back to the ship, we dress for the Captain’s Farewell Dinner which is an excellent meal. There are lots of goodbyes with fellow ship mates and we trundle off to our cabins to do the final packing.