Dining with VIPs

Added 09 Apr 2015

From Johannesburg we flew to Windhoek. The Blue Bulls rugby team from Pretoria were also on the flight. They were heading to Windhoek to play a Namibian team called FNB Welwitschias on Friday night. We’ll let you know how they got on. Our final approach to Windhoek Airport was unusual. We flew towards the airport, then directly across the terminal buildings at fairly low level, followed by a sharp U-turn and a landing in the opposite direction. Perhaps it was due to wind speed and direction, and perhaps it was a late decision? Not many people noticed but Richard and Dawn thought we might be heading to another destination at one point!

As we disembarked the aircraft a nice warm temperature greeted us. We walked to the terminal building and headed through immigration. Passports and immigration forms are at the ready. The immigration staff lady seemed particularly keen to know why Richard is back in the country yet again. He has a work visa so everything is above board but there are lots of questions. Finally the lady asks for Richard’s business card and once handed over he is free to proceed. We now think she may apply for a job at Furlongs Travel.

Our local guide, Uanee, and our driver, August, are ready to welcome us. We jump on board and head for our first accommodation, the Windhoek Country Club Resort. It’s not long before we are settling into our comfortable hotel rooms and catching up on some rest. Richard and Dawn borrow the coach (with August driving!) and head for their favourite Windhoek supermarket to provision for the tour. Plenty of water for our guests, plus biscuits, sweets and some other goodies.

Back at the hotel we gather for a welcome reception before an extensive buffet dinner. We’ve noticed quite a few security guards at the hotel and we discover this is because there is an important meeting this evening. Namibia’s Foreign Ministry is hosting an event with lots of VIPs including the Namibian Prime Minister and the (newly appointed) Namibian President. We invite the keynote speakers to our own exclusive dinner event but we hear nothing!