We've arrived in Namibia!

Added 25 Apr 2013

A minor traffic delay on the M25 on route to Heathrow was the only small hiccup of the day for some of us. In fact we still arrived at Heathrow ahead of schedule! Check-in went like clockwise and we were soon in the air flying south. Our overnight flight was comfortable, the South African Airways crew looking after us well. We touched down at Johannesburg early and transferred to our onward flight. Richard and Dawn helped direct guests through the airport terminal, using various vantage points learned from previous trips: Fork right after the passport control, up the stairs after the hand luggage check, turn right at the cafe. Sadly we discovered the cafe has disappeaared from last year! Anyway we all made it to our onward flight and we took off pretty much on time at 9.30am. No sooner we were in the air, we were presented with a full meal service - salad followed by a beef, fish or vegetarian dish, chocolate cake, cheese and biscuits, tea, coffee. We were expecting a continental breakfast!

On arrival at Windhoek Airport we cleared immigration, collected our luggage and exited the arrivals hall to meet out local guide, called Uanee. There he was, eagerly awaiting our appearance, with a broad smile and a warm welcome! We meet our coach driver, Bruce, loaded our luggage and were soon on our way to Windhoek. We enjoyed a mini city tour before arriving at the Windhoek Country Club Resort. We were well ahead of official check in time but the hotel did well and we were all in our rooms within 15 minutes of arriving. After making sure everyone was happily settled in, Dawn and Richard headed off to a local hypermarket to stock up with water and some other provisions. Our guests won't go thirsty or hungry on this trip!

Back at the hotel we enjoyed our first dinner - an extensive buffet with a glass or two of wine, beer or juice for good measure! Only after we consumed some wine, Richard informed us that breakfast is at 6.30am and we're on the road tomorrow at 7.45am. Crafty technique!