Namutoni game drives

Added 11 May 2014

Game drives from Namutoni Camp today. Uanee escorts our private coach drive and we explore the local waterholes before heading north to the plains close to the northern gate of the park. Early sightings include two hyaenas close up and we finish with a large group of giraffes drinking at a waterhole. Uanee's game drives are always succcessful and entertaining and today we are out from 6.45am to 12 noon! Naturally we consume plenty of sweets and biscuits on route.

After a short siesta we are off again at 3pm on an afternoon drive. Richard stays behind to do some work so Dawn is in charge, Richard is worried. The wildlife list is impressive.Lilac breasted rollers, a blue heron, tawny eagles in flight, hornbills and a large group of flamingoes on the Fischer Pan. Guests are also rewarded with the sighting of a large male lion and watch for some time before he eventually begins calling for his pride and moves away. Everyone heads back to Namutoni very happy!

We meet up again to walk to a private BBQ venue where the staff have set up a wonderful dinner. Richard and Dawn provide the wine and the evening seems to go with a swing.