Namutoni game drives

Dawn and Uanee escort an extended morning drive, heading north nearly as far as King Nehale Gate. The list of wildlife and bird sightings is impressive … three lions, giraffes, a tawny eagle, spotted hyaena, kudu, impala, lilac breasted roller, paradise whydah, elephants, rhino and more.

Meanwhile Richard borrowed a car from one of the restaurant staff at Namutoni and headed out of the park via the Von Lindquist gate to visit a couple of new lodges situated just a few miles down the road. It’s always good to keep abreast of the new accommodations and services but this meant Richard had to exit and then re-enter the park. Today the security on the park seemed stricter than usual and the policeman asks Richard to open the boot of the car. Not only does Richard not know how to open the boot on his borrowed car, but he suddenly thinks what if it’s full of contraband! He’ll be arrested and no one will know where he is. Fortunately the boot has no catch and lifts open easily, and there is nothing of interest inside!

Back at base, Uanee runs another drive in the afternoon. It starts slowly but ends with a bang. Not only more elephants and numerous giraffes, but at the final waterhole a spotted hyaena sitting in the water and looking right at us. And the water was perfectly still and mirror like. Stunning. We stay as long as possible but must remember we should be back in the camp before sunset. On the road back, the sun setting looks so wonderful we just have to stop and take some photos. Now we are out of time! We dash back towards the camp gates only to discover a large elephant on the side of the road. We stop for more photos. We creep back into the camp hoping no one sees us.