New York City Tour

After breakfast we join our private coach and guide for a half-day city tour. Robin is a petite New Yorker (originally from Connecticut) but we have no trouble hearing all the information she is ready to impart. Plus, we have whisper radios to help with commentary in the noisier environments. We first head downtown to Lower Manhattan learning about the history of the New York, the buildings we are passing, and generally orientating ourselves. We stop at the Staten Island ferry terminal and view the Statue of Liberty. Our next visit is to the 9/11 Memorial Site. Robin interprets extremely well and tells a very moving story about Stephen Siller, a firefighter who made exceptional efforts to come and help on the day, and sadly lost his life. If you would like to know more, look at Clicking this link will open a new tab.

Following our visit to the memorial site, we re-join our coach and head uptown to Central Park. We complete a circumnavigation of the park and include a stop at the Conservatory Gardens before heading back to our hotel. The weather today. Warm and sunny, 74°!

Free time this afternoon and this evening. Our hotel is located immediately opposite the half-price ticket booth, and some of our guests head out to buy tickets for a show. Richard and Dawn saw a weird show called SpongeBob and SquarePants when they were last in New York! We wonder if anyone will dare choose the same show?