Noah's Ark

Added 16 Jun 2014

Breakfast is served in the Hansa restaurant before we depart for the harbour town of Walvis Bay, Namibia’s major port and the centre of the country’s fishing industry. The nearby wetlands are famous for large concentrations of wading birds, flamingos and shore birds and the large natural harbour attracts dolphins, seals, pelicans and more. We have privately chartered a large catamaran for a morning wildlife cruise. No sooner we are aboard and sailing from the quayside we are joined (on board) by a fur seal. They occasionally jump on board and are fed a fish or two! The seals are not overfed and they still have to fish for themselves but it is certainly an experience to see a large seal sitting adjacent to you! It is not long before our catamaran becomes a veritable Noah’s Ark. Large pelicans approach from all angles in search of an easy meal. Some sit on the catamaran’s side rails. Some walk along the deck. One even lands on top of our guide, Mossi! Cormorants and Gulls join in the party too! Later in the cruise we follow numerous Benguela Dolphins before we start our cruise back to the quay. However the cruise is very definitely not over as yet. Champagne arrives. Fresh Oysters. Snacks. Cakes. We will call it early lunch!

August, our driver, is kindly waiting for us. We also divert to the Walvis Bay Lagoon in the hope of seeing some flamingos close up. We are not disappointed. Back in Swakopmund we scatter and shop. Somehow Richard manages to avoid the shopping bit. Amazingly Dawn only purchases more water stocks for our coach journeys.

This evening we enjoy an a la carte dinner while Germany scores 4 goals against Portugal in the World Cup. Many locals in Swakopmund will be celebrating tonight!